A Matter of Perspective

“If you could have a gigantic billboard anywhere with anything on it, what would it say and why?”. I was discussing this question with a friend the other day. This is what my answer came down to: Start with yourself, before criticizing the world. Remember you are holding only a perspective, never the truth. Nobody knows, we are all just trying our best.

Our Fight For Validation

We all want to feel heard and understood. For itself, this isn’t a problem. At least not more than any other evolutionary entailed tendency such as our striving for pleasing endless desires. It does however become a major obstacle to our happiness if seeking validation arises from an uncontrolled need to fulfill other people’s expectations.

A World Of Stories

Our identity as a human being is packed in one grand narrative that we tell ourselves. It frames every experience we make, every memory we form and every relationship we engage in. Our narrative, however, is not static. On the very contrary, it is subject to constant change.

The Startup We Are Working On: Fount

Our vision at Fount is building a platform that allows you to benefit from the aggregated knowledge from curious people – experts, amateurs, autodidacts, polymaths and many more – from all around the world. It’s a place of serendipity, for you to follow your curiosity wherever it might lead you.

A Practical Framework On Happiness
In Modern Life

What if evolution doesn’t want us to be happy? If our journey to a good and satisfied life was a fight against our own nature? Can this fight be won?